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ادوبي فلاش بلايربرنامج التشفير الشهير يسمح بعرض مقاطع الفيديو عن طريق المتصفح وعرض محتويات صفحات الويب

Adobe Flash Player is an essential application for any Internet user, as it allows them to view interactive web content
Playing online games, using various applications, viewing business presentations, watching videos and many others, all are possible when you have installed Adobe Flash Player on your computer

===----[الموقع الرسمي]----===

===----[الجديد في الاصدار]----=== 14th, 2014
[CODE][[Win8.1][IE11] Resolves an issue introduced with Flash Player that affected Dragon Quest Monster Parade (3818827)
[Win8.x][IE10+] printJob.addPage() no longer throws an erroneous exception (3822297)
[Win8.x] Fixes an issue where Print To Printer only printed the first page (3825794)
[Win8.x][MSFT 654468] Full-Screen content is incorrectly scaled when the user requests Full-Screen Mode after zooming in or out with the browser zoom (3822208)
[Win][Firefox] Fixes an issue where FileReference.browse() file dialog was opening behind the browser window (3822025)
[Mac] Resolves an issue introduced with Flash Player Using the volume keys on the keyboard now works as expected in Adobe Connect (3827641)
[Mac] Resolves an infrequent issue where the Flash Player installer could not determine the correct OS version for users on MacOS 10.8+ (3814718)
[Mac 10.9+] Resolves an issue where Flash Player would use a large amount of CPU if the network was disconnected while a video using the Adobe Video Engine was playing (3811674)
Stage3D Content is now available on the Nvidia Tegra K1 (3809317)
WebVTT Captions are now correctly displayed after a mid-roll ad is inserted into a video stream (3809912)
[HTTP Live Streaming] The lowest possible bitrate i-frame stream was not being used if TrickPlay was enabled (3812854)/CODE]

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