ManyCam Free
ManyCam Free


الاصدار الاخير من برنامج الكاميرا الوهميه ماني كام,مع برنامجManyCam v3.1.60 يمكنك ان تضيف الي كاميرا الويب الكثير والكثير من الاضافات الرائعه
يمكنك اضافة نص كتابي او رسوم متحركه او اي تاثيرات جميله علي كاميرا الويب .
والرائع في برنامج ManyCam v3.1.41 انك ممكن ان تكلم اكثر من شخص بكاميرا الويب في نفس الوقت مستخدما Skype, MSN, وايضا Youtube.اضف الالاف من التاثيرات الجميله علي كاميرا الويب الخاصه بك مع البرنامج الرائع ماني كام.
غير في وجهك غير لون عينيك غير في اي حاجه فيك وكانك مش انت . ضيف ايضا اي تاثيرات صوتيه علي الكاميرا . ستجد الكثير في هذا البرنامج الرائع.البرنامج يعمل علي جميع اصدارات الويندوز.

Use your webcam with many applications simultaneously. Use Skype, MSN, Ustream, and many other webcam and audio applications at the same time. You can also do the same with virtual audio sound driver. Add amazing microphone audio effects to your broadcast. Use voice changer technology to disguise your voice for a screencast voice over, make people laugh, or use it to trick your friends and family. ManyCam is also able to make your microphone & headset audio quality sound better than most normal audio drivers. Draw over your video window. Use built in image editing software to draw over or add text to your live video broadcast. Draw over your video while in Skype, Youtube, or any other video software. Just add ManyCam as your video source for any app! Screencast your desktop Record your desktop and save the video to your hard drive. You can also screencast live to live video chat services like Ustream,, Skype, and more. Use ManyCam as your video source on Youtube to record a video of your desktop. Picture in Picture Broadcast "pnp" or picture in picture video with ManyCam. Screencast your desktop while showing yourself in a smaller video window within that window. Picture in picture is useful for video demonstrations on webcam and live shows. Turn your computer into live news studio with ManyCam's pnp feature. Switch between different video sources. Go to the ManyCam Studio Pro tab to quickly switch between video sources. ManyCam Studio Pro allows up to 6 video sources and the ability to cut or slowly transition between different sources. Use the ManyCam pull-down menu in the source window to add another camera, still image, photo snapshot, a pre-recorded video, and even a desktop screencast as your video source. Turn your computer into a Pro live video production studio with ManyCam. Create your own custom webcam effects. Make custom webcam face effects, eye effects, mouth effects, hair effects and any other type of webcam graphic. Share the custom effect with the rest of the ManyCam community or keep it for yourself.

ManyCam Free